About us

About UsItal Rolet was established in 1997.

Our basic activity is the production of aluminum roller shutters. What you should know about us, is that we produce high quality thermo isolated aluminum roller shutters made by materials that are imported to us from worldwide known companies.

In 2016 our company successfully undertook and completed over 10 000 individual objects in Macedonia and the region. The only company in Macedonia known for: professionalism, high quality products and its dynamic staff which is trained to accomplish their duties efficiently.



Our region is characterized with hot summers and cold winters. The aluminum roller shutters powered by ITAL ROLET are the only product that are designed for protecting your home and your family from the climatic factors such as: wind, sun, rain, snow; the damaging storms and you will REDUCE your home’s heating and cooling COSTS. The hollow space of the double-walled, roll formed aluminum roller shutter profile is foam filled with polyurethane, also elaborated with CFC standards. The roller shutters have thermo-isolative boxes form the inside and out.

We offer 3 possible roller shutter movement for our customers: tape pulley, hand crank and of course electric roller shutters. The electric tubular  motor kind of moving system is modern, works on current only, and it can also be commanded by a remote from afar. Mostly wanted because of the elegant slow movement and the comfort people find in commanding it, wherever they are at that moment in their house. The other two systems of roller shutters we also use are the tape pulley and the hand crank. These are mostly preferred for the people who are always in a hurry, furthermore you will save money on electricity costs.

It’s in your own interest to reduce the noise, manage the artificial light, isolate your house and feel safe even when you are traveling, because we provide you with KEYS which close the roller shutter, a convenience only ITAL ROLET can provide.

* Our company offers two types of window profiles of high-quality, VEKA and ALUPLAST.

The main profiles have Dichtung (tire) within the frame. These frames have factory integrated Dichtung and they help to normalize and forbid the heat and the noise from outside.

* We offer insect screens for windows in different colors: white, brown, and gray, and their movement can be horizontal and vertical.

The insect screens can be mounted even after you have installed your doors or windows, adapting the aluminum color of your windows.

Here's a video commercial telling you more about us.